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Making an Abraham or Sarah dummy


Suitable for anyone!

Anyone can be created into a Sarah or Abraham dummy.
The items you add will be reflected in your poem.
For example, a bottle of spirit, a briefcase (workaholic), sport's items,
a remote control (couch potato) You can also place the dummy in a peculiar place,
such as the toilet !!

How to go about it

-Buy a mask and balloons, round and long ones for arms and legs - possibly a wig
-Take a large dirt bag and fill it with paper as a basis. Put the present in here as well.
-Choose a complete outfit
-Dress the dirt bag with a sweater.
-First put a long shaped balloon in the sleeves and then inflate the balloon.
-Do the same for the pants/pantyhose.
-Put it all together with a stapler
-Put a round balloon on top with duck tape.
-Place the mask and wig or a sweeper or scarf over on top of the round balloon and
-Surprise ready!

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