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Where does Abraham Sarah come from ?

Where does the expression "Seeing Abraham" come from?
When a man turns fifty, he 'sees Abraham' and a woman that reaches that age, 'sees Sarah'.
But where does this expression originate from?

The expression is derived from a bible text. In the Gospel John (8.57) the story is written of the women that commited adultery. Jezus is asked what should be done with the woman, because the law indicates that she should be stoned. Jezus says that the person without any sins may cast the first stone.
Nobody does. Jezus says: 'Abraham, your father has looked forward to seeing my day and he has seen it and rejoiced'. The listeners react surprised: 'thou are not yet 50 years old and thou has seen Abraham?'
It is also said that a 50 year old person must have the same wisdom of life and dignity as Abraham.
Abraham (initially known as Abram) was married to Sarai. They could not have any children. After a message of God he changed his name to Abraham and hers to Sara(h).
Then they could have children. Abraham is seen as the instigator of many nations.
Only half way the last century Sarah was 'introduced' for the women. Prior to this introduction they also 'saw Abraham' when they turned 50.

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