Baking an Abraham or Sarah cake


50th birthday cake

Baking an Abraham or Sarah cake 50th birthday


A recipe for an 'Abraham' or 'Sarah'

Baking an Abraham or Sarah cake - cookie - dummy

abraham sarah cookie

making a 50 years cake

A recipe for an 'Abraham' or 'Sarah' Ein Rezept für einen 'Abraham' oder eine 'Sarah'
600 g flour
250 g almond paste
2 teaspoons baking powder
50 g chopped nuts
300 g brown castor sugar almonds without peel
3 teaspoons gingerbread spices
1 egg
50 g icing sugar
300 g butter or margarine hard
2 green hackberries
1/2 decilitre
cotton wool

abraham example cake birthday over the hill

The cake
The amounts that are used here are meant for an Abraham dummy of appr. 40 cm. See picture
Sift the flour with the baking powder, the brown castor sugar, the gingerbread spices and some salt. Cut the butter through the flour into small pieces, with two knives and add the milk. Stir everything and knead the dough with a cool hand until it is well mixed. Leave the dough in a cool place for one night.
Use baking paper to draw the shape of an Abraham, 2 hands and 2 feet and cut it. Take half of the amount of the dough and roll it out till it becomes flat, the size a little bit bigger than Abraham. Shove it onto the greased paper. Put the template for the Abraham on top of the dough and cut it out. Remove the pieces of dough on the side and keep it. Spread the almond paste over the dough, leaving a space of 1 centimetre from the rim. Spread the nuts over the almond paste.
Roll out the other half of the dough, shove it onto a piece of baking paper and cut the second Abraham. Put it on top of the almond paste/nut layer and firmly push the rims on top of each other.
Decorate the figure along the 'neck' and at the front with almonds. Also use an almond for the nose. Stir the egg loose and spread it out over the dough figure.
Put the cake with the paper on a baking tray and bake it brown in 35 minutes in the middle of a hot oven - 200 °C.
Roll out the remainder of the dough till it is thin and flat and cut out the hands and feet. Spread some egg over it and add them to the dummy. Bake the cake for another 15-20 minutes. Shove the Abraham on the oven grid and let it cool.
The decoration. To decorate the cake, mix the icing sugar with ½ table spoon cold water till it becomes a thick glaze. Decorate the cake with it: a line with the legs, cover the 2 arms, a waistline, lines for the face, glace the upper part of the head completely white. For the eyes glue the hackberries on the face using some glaze as glue. Use the cotton wool to cut a nice beard and also glue this on the face using glaze.

Bon appetite and remember your waistline ;-)